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About This Product

Thank you for visiting my educational resources store! On this occasion I present to you these fantastic flashcards that will allow you to acquire vocabulary about jungle animals in Spanish.

As is known, Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world, so many children are interested in learning to speak it or at least learning some basic words of the Spanish language, even adults. For this reason, thanks to these flashcards you will be able to achieve those purposes.

For this reason, today we have prepared 16 flashcards of jungle animals in Spanish. Below I give you a brief description of the product, so you can decide to download it.

1. Brief introduction:

Flashcards have many benefits because they help students speed up many of their cognitive processes such as memorization and attention. They are also easy to use and at the same time immediately attract the attention and interest of students.

2. Product Description:

This product contains 8 pages, on each page you will find 2 flashcards, making a total of 16 flashcards with words and images of jungle animals.

3. Benefits of using this product:

This product brings multiple benefits such as:

- Increase children's interest in learning.

- Strengthen intelligence and motivation.

- Activate cognitive processes such as memory and attention.

4. Number of pages contained in this document:

This document contains 8 color pages.

5. Topic addressed in this document:

This educational document addresses the topic of jungle animals in Spanish.

6. Children's ages in which it can be applied:

This educational resource can be applied to children from 3 to 7 years old who are interested in learning Spanish as well as in the literacy of adults with motivation to learn Spanish.

7. Version in which this resource is found:

This document is in PDF format, A4 size.

8. How it should be printed:

You must print this document as it is, because it is the appropriate size to be viewed by students.

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