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Spanish:: Llegó La Noche Songs

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About This Product

Spanish: Llegó La Noche Songs

A unique teaching resource designed specifically for those entrusted with the noble task of developing young minds. Especially beneficial for preschoolers, kindergarteners and early learners, this creative approach to language learning serves as an engaging tool towards the acquisition of world languages.


  • Traditional Spanish lullabies and children's songs recorded in Spanish.
  • An immersive experience into Spanish language and culture
  • Serves as a pre-bedtime routine guide with soft audio notes aiding in tone recognition and pronunciation
The Package:
  1. A single zip file featuring 14 songs aiming at cultural diversity awareness.
  2. Ideal for whole group environments such as classrooms or homeschooling scenarios.
  3. Suitable for multiple educational setups including small instruction groups or one-on-one study routines.
  4. Silent pause activities allow reflection on what is heard during song playback, alongside robust vocabulary focused discussions.
About the Product:

Llegó La Noche Songs stands not just as another teaching resource but more so an engaging multilingual embrace fostering love towards cultures from bedtime! Its multifaceted compatibility makes it ready-for-use across varying educators' needs making languages' mastery less daunting!


This resource is delivered in an easy-to-use audio file format ensuring seamless adaptability across devices without quality compromise or inconvenience!

What's Included

1 zip file with 14 songs

Resource Tags

Spanish language early learning cultural immersion language acquisition lullabies

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