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Spanish: Meals Digital Lesson - Las Comidas

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Grade 11, 12

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About This Product

This Spanish: Meals Digital Lesson is a great resource to complement your Spanish classes and have your students increase their vocabulary!

The Spanish: Meals Digital Lesson resource comes with 60 slides, this lesson will be interactive and engaging for students as they:

  • - Explore a range of new vocabulary

  • - Complete writing activities

  • - Apply their knowledge of Spanish terms

Students will learn culture, geography and more with this lesson. Each slide comes with a specific set of vocabulary, for example:

Slide 3: Cuestion de Gustos comes with a series of questions about foods (comidas) and the format to be able to answer the questions.

Slide 4: Verbo Gustar comes with a series of forms on how to use the verb.

Additionally, slides focus on the types of foods typically eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

This lesson may be used as an introduction to the vocabulary, as review, or as assessment to find out how much your students have learned of the sent of vocabulary.

This Spanish: Meals Digital Lesson was designed for students in 11th and 12th grade, however, it may be used with any student who has reached that level of understanding of Spanish.

1 PowerPoint with 60 interactive slides

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