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Spanish Present Simple regular verbs -AR - ER - IR worksheet keys

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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9, 10



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About This Product

The resource “Present of Indicative - Regular verbs -5 Actvities” /Presente de Indicativo, verbos regulares / includes verbs in –AR/-ER/-IR and offers the perfect opportunity to all students for practicing the conjugation of the regular verbs in Spanish. It is recommended to do the activities after having studied and understood how to form Present simple in Spanish and when to use it.

The product is mainly for beginners /different ages and grades/, although it can be used with students, whose level is low intermediate.

The product includes 5 different kind of activities, such as: complete conjugation of 12 verbs in their paradigms, tests /variation A and B/, opening brackets in a text, a game and quick reaction to a specific task.

For best use, print the resource.

→ Works great for practicing the conjugation of regular verbs in Present of Indicative in Spanish;
→ Contains 5 different exercises, including flash cards and a dice game;
→ The game can be played individually or you can divide the class in 3-4 groups and organize a quiz;
→ The exercise with the tests offers you 3 variations: to be given in your classroom; to be assigned for homework or in an exam;
→ Most common regular verbs in Spanish are included ;
→ Can be used during 4-6 classes;
→ Can be applied in self-studying and checking;
→ Useful for primary, middle and high schools and for adults;
→ Instructions and answers included.

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Este recurso hace especial hincapié en la formación y uso de los verbos regulares en presente de indicativo en español. Incluye verbos de las tres conjugaciones (-AR/-ER/-IR) y ofrece a tus alumnos la oportunidad perfecta para practicarlos. Es recomendable hacer todo tipo de actividades relacionadas con el presente de indicativo tras haber estudiado y aprendido la lección sobre este tiempo verbal, puesto que se considera el más complicado en la lengua española.

Este recurso es principalmente para estudiantes cuyo nivel sea inicial, aunque se puede hacer también con los de nivel intermedio bajo.

El ítem incluye 5 actividades de diferente tipo, entre ellas ejercicios, juego, tests (son 2 mini-test de 10 preguntas que se pueden incluso asignar en un examen).

Imprime para usar.

En la tienda de “Your Spanish Studio” puedes encontrar todo tipo de recursos y material adicional que te será muy útil en tus clases de español. Echa un vistazo aquí:

Credits: Graphics from: Copyright Scrappin Doodles

What's Included

1 pdf file (30 pages, activities, instructions and keys)

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