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Spanish Verb IR Conjugation Game - Rock, Paper, Scissors

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Grade 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12





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About This Product

Spanish Verb IR Conjugation Game - Rock, Paper, Scissors: An Educational Resource

This riveting game is an excellent tool for 7th to 12th grade teachers that allows students to practice their conjugation skills for the Spanish verb 'decir' by engaging in a universally treasured game of rock, paper, scissors.

How It Works

  • This hands-on activity infuses curriculum-based learning into a popular children's pastime.
  • The rules are simple: engage in rounds of piedra papel o tijera, with the victor advancing on the teacher-provided game board.
  • Each time they land on a space, students exercise their language skills by conjugating the featured verb with its provided pronoun.
  • The phrases such as 'Piedra gana a tijeras', 'Tijeras gana papel', and 'Papel gana piedra' further reinforce learning and instill confidence even in timid speakers.
The Winner:

The first student to reach ‘el fin’, or ‘the end,’ while correctly utilizing conjugations wins.

Incredible Versatility of This Educational Tool

This adaptable tool can be adjusted to accommodate different verb tenses based on classroom requirements. Perfect for whole class engagements or small group activities or even homework assignments without further prep work required!

Fear not if your substitute teacher isn't fluent in Spanish- this resource includes English instructions too!

  1. The terms restrict sharing across entire grade levels/schools/districts without obtaining suitable licenses.
  2. This product cannot be shared on non-password protected or public websites to ensure exclusive access for authorised students within classrooms.
Happy learning!

What's Included

1 PDF game board


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Spanish Verb Conjugation Rock Paper Scissors Educational Game Language Learning Fun and Constructive Learning

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