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French Regular RE Verbs Conjugation Game - Rock, Paper, Scissors

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Grade 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12





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About This Product

French Regular RE Verbs Conjugation Game - Rock, Paper, Scissors

This instructional resource is designed to help in teaching French students how to conjugate regular IR verbs. It offers a new twist on the beloved children's game 'rock, paper, scissors', transforming it into pierre, feuille, ciseaux. This unique approach allows students to master verb conjugation while enjoying themselves!

How does it work?

The game involves two players who engage in games of pierre, feuille, ciseaux. The objective is about who moves forward first on the board after each round. As they progress through spaces on the board they find sentences written in French and must correctly conjugate and translate associated verbs.

Versatile Learning Tool

  • This product can be used across various age groups ranging from Grade 7 up to Grade 12.
  • Caters different learning methods like whole group instruction or smaller study circles.
  • Prioritizes teacher’s flexibility allowing modification of verb tenses that suit their lesson plans
  • Incorporates an interesting gameplay method for interactive homework assignments.
No-prep Resource For Teachers

Sparing teachers from any prep work,this resource also includes English instructions making it readily accessible even for substitute teachers who may not understand French . Moreover,the list of widely used IR verbs; 'accomplir' (to accomplish), 'choisir' (to choose), 'finir' (to finish), and 'réussir' (to succeed) among others makes this an excellent comprehensive tool towards mastering regular IR verbs .

In Conclusion,
"French Regular RE Verbs Conjugation Game - Rock, Paper, Scissors" provides an exciting and interactive dimension to traditional language learning.With its unique pull for entertainment combined with practicality,this resource works seamlessly in sync with your pre-existing French curriculum,rejuvenating any French language classroom!

What's Included

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