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Spanish Vocabulary Match to Sample Memory Boards

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These animal flash cards are great for young kids, students with special educational needs, and people learning English . They can be used in therapy sessions as well . They have different match and memory games and also cards to help with reading and spelling . The cards can help you learn 12 concepts and words for animals on a farm .

They are available in various types for all different ways of learning . The real pictures show animals, which makes them attractive for learners and suitable for people with aphasia and students learning English as a Second/ Foreign Language . The blacklined symbols version has animal outlines that you can color . It is a fun way to practice using your fine motor and learn the names of animals at the same time. The colored symbols version has symbols in joyful colors . Finally, the written version has the names of animals in different styles ( like tracing lines and dot-to-dot ), which can help with learning to read and write .

These different options allow teachers and therapists to pick the best choices for their students or patients .

Each version has two different boards . You can play the traditional matching game or create a non-identical matching game using all versions of the cards . This activity will make students think harder and use their problem-solving skills, making it more challenging and interesting .

You can make flashcards that have pictures of animals on both sides, with different versions of the animals . One side of the card could show a real picture of the animal, while the other side could have a drawing, a colored picture or the animal's name . To make the Animal photo cards last a long time, you can put two boards together with their back sides touching, laminate them and cut them across the frames .

These cards can help people of all ages improve their comprehension, expression and communication skills.

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