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Spanish Word Wall Cards San Valentín Valentine's Day

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About This Product

Spanish Word Wall Cards San Valentín Valentine's Day

Spanish Word Wall Cards San Valentín Valentine's Day is a comprehensive teaching resource. It consists of 20 carefully curated essential Spanish words revolving around the theme of Valentine's Day.

This resource has been designed with engaging and colorful visuals. It provides versatile options which complement both classroom settings and homeschooling environments.

The Vocabulary Overview:

  • The themed Spanish vocabulary includes words such as:
    • Cupido (Cupid)
    • Amigos (Friends)
    • Corazón (Heart)
  • Ideal for cultural insights related to Valentine’s day traditions. For instance, “Flores” (Flowers), Flecha (Arrow), Chocolate are included.
  • Incorporating feelings & emotions linked to the holiday such as Besos(Kisses), Poema(Poem), “Te quiero”(I love you).

  • Aesthetics & Usability Enhancement:

    The educational resource offers two design choices: a variant comes with vibrant colored background and another in simpler white version for minimal ink usage while ensuring visual attractiveness. Each version thus promises an enriching addition to any learning setting’s Word Wall.

    Educational Purpose:

    Beyond serving purely academic pursuit, these cards add excitement in learning Spanish language whilst also celebrating San Valentin (Valentine’s Day). The selected words nurture language competences and an understanding of Spanish culture through 

iconic practices like affectionate expressions during Valentine’s Day events.

    Ease of Use:
    1. Themed cards for continuous reference on Word Wall
    2. Packaged conveniently as PDF worksheets

    To conclude, these cards can help create immersive bilingual educational environments rich in cultural context and vocabulary expansion ranging from pre-K through grade five.

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