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Spatial Awareness Perception Game | LEVEL 1

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About This Product

Spatial Awareness Perception Game | LEVEL 1 Develop students' visual perception and spatial reasoning with this engaging 18-page printable resource. The product includes full-page spatial arrangement models for teacher presentation and smaller matching cards for students. Using the spatial relationships on the model pages, students match the identical arrangements printed on the smaller game cards. This activity promotes the growth of skills such as working memory, short term memory, visual perception, attention, concentration, and time management. Print, laminate, cut, and reuse the durable cards for versatile learning games targeting multiple skills. Besides visual perception, the cards can be implemented to build receptive language, expressive language, and memory. Have students follow verbal instructions to locate a particular card, describe cards to peers, or recall card details after they've been hidden from view. Extend the activity by adding movement around the room, racing against the clock, competing against the teacher, and more to take the game from basic matching into higher-level thinking. With open-ended applications, Spatial Awareness Perception Game equips teachers to challenge students at their current level while expanding crucial perceptual abilities that transfer to reading, writing, math and everyday living. Easily differentiate by adjusting card complexity and game rules. See similar resources at WORDS ASIDE for more visual perception materials for diverse learners.

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