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Spatial Concepts Above and Below Google Slides

Spatial Concepts Above and Below Google Slides
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Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1



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About This Product

Spatial Concepts Above and Below Google Slides

An essential teaching tool for educators who are facilitating learning experiences around spatial concepts, particularly 'above' and 'below'. This easy-to-use resource is an asset for public school teachers, homeschooling parents alike.

Primarily suited to Pre-K, Kindergarten, Grade 1 students, and Special Ed learners. This product has been designed with special consideration for speech targets. Grasping the spatial awareness's nuances can be complex for young minds. With this digital teaching resource at their disposal, educators can help students visualize these concepts more effectively.

Activity Includes:

  • A collection of 12 flashcards formatted into a slide deck.
  • Six cards each dedicated to the concepts – above and below.

This NO PREP slide deck activity in PowerPoint format is adapted for Google Slide use too, keeping simplicity at its core. It frees up educators to focus more on instruction rather than prep work.

Versatility of Use:

This versatile resource can be used in a whole-group session projected on the classroom smartboard or implemented in small breakout groups with shared devices like tablets or laptops—an excellent tool for individual practice assignments that students can engage with after class hours from home too. Spatial Concepts Above and Below Google Slides makes grasping spatial relationships easy fun while fostering improved speech skills among young learners—making it an absolute must-have addition in any educational toolkit that aims to create engaging learning experiences while keeping student interest topmost. Idealistic subjects such as Special Resources and specific sub-areas like Speech Therapy make this unique resource all the more appealing; being digitally compact also adds ease-of-use charm catering precisely to modern-day instructional preferences. Teachers navigating today's challenges need effective resources just like Spatial Concepts Above and Below Google Slides!

What's Included

PowerPoint formated for Google Slide as well

Resource Tags

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