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Speed Quizzing – Chemistry Unit – Atoms, Compound Naming, and Chemical Reactions

An educational teaching resource from Teach With Fergy entitled Speed Quizzing – Chemistry Unit – Atoms, Compound Naming, and Chemical Reactions downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 10, 11, 12

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About This Product

Speed Quizzing – Chemistry Unit – Atoms, Compound Naming, and Chemical Reactions

This educational resource provides a platform for teachers to conduct engaging and effective reviews for students. It utilizes active learning techniques through movement and interpersonal communication which aids in understanding critical chemistry concepts.

Covered Topics

  • Physical and Chemical Changes
  • Periodic Table and Bohr Diagrams
  • Lewis Structures, Ions Chemistry
  • Ionic Compounds specifics
  • Polyatomic Ions & Compounds essentials
  • Molecular Compounds details
  • An overview on Chemical Reactions including Balancing Chemical Equations with detailed coverage of Types of Chemical Reactions like Acid-Base interactions and Neutralization Reaction.

    The resource requires minimal preparation: simply print the 32 flashcards included in this downloadable editable zip file containing two Microsoft Word documents spanning over four pages. These relevant questions cover the above listed topics ensuring comprehensive yet concise revision.

    In-class Usage:

    Distribute one flashcard to each participant then guide them through pairing up via suitable methods. This promotes discussion promoting understanding amongst individuals having multiple opportunities to explain their answers. This teaching tool is ideal for grades 10 through 12 studying Science particularly Chemistry but can be adapted accordingly to suit comprehension levels across various student sets including homeschoolers aiming at mastery-based education.

    With Speed Quizzing – Chemistry Unit resources not only do you promote collaborative learning during small group activities but also its perfect in large class scenarios during review sessions or homework assignments. The interactive element ensures material retention and nurtures necessary interpersonal skills in and beyond the academic setting.

What's Included

1 zip file with 2 Word documents (4 total pages)

Resource Tags

atoms compound naming chemical reactions periodic table balancing equations

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