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Speed Quizzing – Motion Unit

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Grade 8, 9, 10

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About This Product

Speed Quizzing – Motion Unit is an engaging activity to review key concepts in a unit on motion. Students are out of their seats and moving around the classroom, discussing questions on topics like one-dimensional motion, two-dimensional motion and vectors, frames of reference, uniform acceleration, and projectile motion. The resource includes 32 high-quality, editable questions that can be used for the activity or as a question bank. Teachers implement the activity by printing and cutting out flashcards, then having students pair up, ask and answer questions, switch cards and partners, and repeat. It's a lively way to prompt conversation, check understanding, remediate skills, and gather formative assessment data. Alternate group structures are provided to ensure students work with new partners each round. With little prep required, this customizable resource sparks student discussion, keeps kids engaged, and helps teachers check comprehension on a motion unit. It's perfect for middle and high school physical science classes.

What's Included

1 zip file with 2 Word documents (4 total pages)

This activity contains 32 questions designed to test your students’ knowledge of the unit they are studying. The questions come directly from the lessons and cover the following topics:

• One-Dimensional Motion

• Two-Dimensional Motion and Vectors

• Frames of Reference

• Uniform Acceleration

• Projectile Motion

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projectile motion frames of reference speed quizzing motion unit physical science quiz

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