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Spell Tricky Words with 'any' and 'every' And Middle ‘ai’ Sounds - Part 2 (7-11 years)

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Grade 2, 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

Spell Tricky Words with 'any' and 'every' And Middle ‘ai’ Sounds - Part 2 (Ages 7-11)

This resource aims at enhancing the language arts program for grade levels 2 to 5. It targets 'tricky words' that often pose challenges for this age group.

A Collection of Engaging Worksheets

The product presents an array of worksheets with unique teaching methods, featuring Zoggy, a fun alien character who aids in making the learning more engaging.

A Gradual Teaching Approach

This resource includes twelve graded spelling challenges. This helps teach spelling incrementally, while also reinforcing previously learned concepts. These challenges come accompanied by various tests designed carefully to ascertain student's proficiency.

Six Sensory Techniques for Learning

  • Say the word
  • Repeat rhymes associated with it
  • Sound it out phonetically
  • Read it within context/li>
  • Write and remember its spelling/li>
  • Cover it to test recall ability and spell again./li>

      Goes well in Different Learning Settings

      The product suits both whole group classes promoting peer collaboration and small grouping ideal for individualized learner focus. Moreover, given its PDF format, these worksheets can be assigned as homework - extending learning beyond classroom confines.

      Welcome Digital Convenience
      This four-page document aligns effortlessly with digital agendas offering access anytime anywhere. In a nutshell...
      The Spell Tricky Words with 'any' and 'every' And Middle ‘ai’ Sounds - Part 2 assists teachers enhancing their instructional strategies while delivering educational content in a more approachable manner for students.

What's Included

4 pages

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