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Spell Tricky Words with 'any' and 'every' And Middle ‘ai’ Sounds - part 1 (7-11 years)

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About This Product

Spell Tricky Words with 'any' and 'every' And Middle ‘ai’ Sounds - part 1 (7-11 years)

This teaching resource is designed particularly for educators, spelling enthusiasts, homeschooling parents and curiosity-driven learners aged between 7 and 11. This interactive tool specifically focuses on mastering the spelling of tricky words with the central 'ai' sound pattern. It collaboratively employs phonics to positively reinforce these uncommon spellings.

With a playful yet effective way to learn, Zoggy the alien introduces an animation-inspired approach. His quirky personality, funny cartoons, unusual messages sent back to planet Zen leverage humor as an engaging mnemonic technique. Furthermore his quirky rhymes help etch these difficult spellings deep within young mind's memory bank.

Comprising of both graded spelling challenges and tests embedded into one package, this product has been divided into smaller segments that each cater specifically to various frustratingly hard-to-spell words or intricate sound patterns known for their recurring issues among learners in this age group.

The multi-sensory strategy adopted here stimulates multiple areas in the brain simultaneously harnessing audio-visual processing and tactile writing skills for an inclusive learning experience:

  • Say it aloud;
  • Repeat fun rhymes;
  • Sound it out individually;
  • Read it contextually;
  • Write down physically before finally covering up visual aid while attempting to rewrite again from scratch.

Distributed over two pages in a digital PDF format readily available at your fingertips for endless printability needs when required – whether it be conducted as group activities within a classroom environment or assigned as individual homework tasks helping enforce retention through repetition.

This intuitive worksheet combines complexity with simplicity making learning more fun than ever before! Catered towards Grade 3-5 students studying Language Arts specifically Spelling sub-subject under educational curriculum framework that supports diversity in teaching-learning approaches without compromising on content quality at all times while sparking genuine interest plus improving overall academic performance gradually but surely!

What's Included

2 pages

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tricky words phonics spelling mastery interactive learning multi-sensory approach

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