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Spring Flowerpot CVC Spelling Activity

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About This Product

Spring Flowerpot CVC Spelling Activity

Description: This is a teaching resource designed to help children in learning, recognizing and understanding Consonant-Vowel-Consonant words. Designed for education professionals, it provides an efficient and simple method for introducing students to language arts.

This activity features 106 vibrant CVC pots, complemented by six pages of alphabet flowers. Its simplicity enables it to hold the attention of learners while enhancing their interaction with English language.

Purpose of the product:

  • The core purpose of this product is intended toward building reading fluency.
  • The fun activity format allows learners to match letters and sounds - aiding phonics instructions and reinforcing spelling skills.

The primary audience advised for this product are teachers instructing kindergarten through grade 2 students

Usability suggestions:
To ensure longevity across multiple academic years or different groups of learners, laminate the printed pages before classroom use. All files are delivered as PDFs ensuring compatibility with most digital devices used for preparation.

In conclusion...

The Spring Flowerpot CVC Spelling Activity provides an interactive method that helps young minds comprehend critical early-stage language concepts — setting them on a journey towards successful reading.

What's Included

About this product

This product contains 106 CVC pots with 6 pages of alphabet flowers. This product is eye-catching and colorful with a clean design.

Resource Tags

phonics CVC words spelling practice literacy skills early reading

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