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Spring Number Sense

An educational teaching resource from Cherry Workshop entitled Spring Number Sense downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Spring Number Sense: An Engaging Teaching Resource

Spring Number Sense is a comprehensive and engaging educational tool designed to enhance children's understanding of numbers. With its lively, hands-on approach centered around charming spring themes such as April showers, raindrops, and clouds, it captures the interest of young learners from Early Learning up to Grade 2.

A Wide Variety of Activities for Developing Number Skills

  • Number recognition: The center contains cloud images labeled with digits from 1-30 spanning over 30 pages.
  • Ten frame matching: Raindrop-themed worksheets help children connect numbers with ten frames.
  • +1/-1 equations: Some tasks involve solving equations requiring addition or subtraction by one.
  • Tallies and blocks:The materials include activities that engage students in counting tallies and blocks.

Versatile Format for Different Classroom Needs

This interactive resource can be used in numerous ways depending on your classroom's needs - whole group instruction or small group sessions during Math Centers time. It comes in a printable PDF version which can be laminated for lasting durability. However, if paper consumption becomes an issue at any point then students can work online too.

Add-On Recording Sheet: Black And White Version Included!

An added benefit is the inclusion of a recording sheet in black-and-white which serves as physical evidence for comparison if needed later on.

Educational & Fun Visual Aids!

The package material offers both eye-catching colored visuals that serve as helpful aids during lessons plus black-and-white counterparts which are perfect for homework assignments. Transform usual coloring tasks into a meaningful and entertaining activity that enhances learning!

Nothing beats practice when mastering foundational concepts like numbers! With Spring Number Sense, let kids experience fun whilst they become proficient in treating part-whole relationships with practical activities on number lines.

What's Included

A PDF file with 91 printable pages.

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