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Spring Patterns AB ABB Google Slides - Distance Learning

Spring Patterns AB ABB Google Slides - Distance Learning
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Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1



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About This Product

Spring Patterns AB ABB Google Slides - Distance Learning

Dive into the world of pattern recognition and repetition with this exciting teaching resource! 'Spring Patterns AB ABB Google Slides - Distance Learning', aims specifically at Pre-K, Kindergarten, First Grade students, and also learners in Special Education. Enhancing the understanding and application of AB and ABB patterns using vibrant spring-themed visuals, this platform creates a lively learning environment!

This resource comes with two main parts: overall, there are 20 slides. Out of these:

  • Ten slides are dedicated to mastering skill in AB patterns.
  • The other ten are designed to solidify comprehension of ABB patterns.

An added focus revolves around expanding vocabulary within Language Arts discipline via this interactive instructional material. 'Google Slide' file used for this product is an effective platform for digital teaching. It's beyond beneficial during online / distance learning classes thus bridging any spatial constraints between educators and learners. This versatile tool can be utilized outside regular classroom setup too such as during homeschooling or personal tutoring sessions.

Possibilities Are Endless!!

'Spring Patterns AB ABB Google Slides - Distance Learning' tool can seamlessly fit into varied teaching scenarios for an enriched learning experience:

  1. Group instructions for collaborative learning.
  2. Incorporated into one-to-one sessions tailored according to individual student requirements.
  3. Serving as homework material ensuring consistent engagement beyond classroom timings!.
      BONUS!!! You will find a printable included focussed on creating an AB pattern adding value to the comprehensive package.

      What we offer is an engaging springboard specifically designed towards enhancing foundational knowledge about language arts vocabulary via pattern understanding. It’s structured to align with remote teaching requirements while not compromising on high engagement levels expected by present-day learners!

What's Included

There are 20 slides that include:

► 10 AB patterns

► 10 ABB patterns

Resource Tags

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