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St. Patrick's Day Grade 3 MATH Task Cards

About This Product

Here is a great way for your grade 3 learners to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day while also practicing their math skills. This set of 20 task cards is aligned with current mathematics standards and covers a variety of math skills found in grade 3 curriculum. As they work their way through the cards, your learners will solve problems in areas such as multiplication, division, geometry, fractions, measurement, and word problems. Each card also has a fun, St. Patrick’s Day theme. While they do require some prep work the first time you use them, these task cards will be a low prep activity in the years to come. Simply print on cardstock and laminate them and year after year they’ll be available for an engaging and festive math activity. Not only that, but with the weather getting warmer, this makes for a perfect outdoor learning activity. If using them indoors, they can be part of your math learning center or way to beat those rainy day wiggles. Your learners can get up and moving while working on essential math skills. You’ll find 2 sets of task cards with this product. Choose whether you want to use the color version or the black & white version. Both sets are identical and include an answer recording page. An answer key is provided as well. Details of each task card are listed below.


CARDS 1-4: 1-digit multiplication, measuring to nearest ½ inch, division, 2-digit and 3-digit addition

CARDS 5-8: perimeter, solving for missing variable (multiplication), elapsed time, 2-step word problem

CARDS 9-12: solving for missing variable (addition), parallel lines, 2-step word problem, characteristics of quadrilaterals

CARDS 13-16: money, greater than/less than, characteristics of a 3-D shape, calculating area of a rectangle

CARDS 17-20: rounding to nearest tens, fractions, elapsed time (dates), liquid volume

ANSWER RECORDING PAGE: 2 sheets per page to reduce number of copies and/or ink


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St. Patrick's Day grade 3 math task cards multiplication division fractions geometry place value elapsed time word problems

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