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St. Patrick's Day Number Seek and Find Mats

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About This Product

These St. Patrick's Day themed number mats are a fun activity to make mathematical concepts more approachable for young learners. Primarily suited to preschoolers and kindergarteners, these mats are designed to foster number recognition skills ranging from 1-20.

This number mat set includes the following:

  • A pot of gold mat for numbers 0 - 5

  • A pot of gold mat for numbers 0 - 10

  • A pot of gold mat for numbers 0 - 20

  • Heart number cards for numbers 0 - 20

These St. Patrick's Day themed mats are available in color as well as in black and white. Each number mat provides students with a large array of interactive and tactile activities to practice number recognition.

Interactive Learning Activities:

  • Write-and-wipe exercises can be created by laminating the mats or placing them inside page protectors.

  • Create sensory bins by scattering number cards inside for students to find and then cover, dot or color on their number mat.

  • The 'Find and Cover' strategy where students cover up the found number on their mat using supplies like magnets or bingo chips.

  • 'Find and Dot' activities where students mark off found numbers using bingo markers.

All these strategies offer varying degree of interactive engagement, making learning less tedious and more effective over time.

Promoting Creativity & Basic Math Skills

The engaging St. Patrick's Day theme across each mat allow opportunities for handwriting practice while also bolstering basic number recognition skills over time.

Convenience Assured!

This ready-to-use resource requires minimal preparation time. The St. Patrick's Day themed number mats are no prep. The teacher may choose to laminate the mats for durability or to create a write and wipe activity. The number cards do need to be cut apart. Once created, this fun and engaging activity can be use over and over again.

Hence these Pot of Gold Number Seek and Find Mats effectively transforms the teaching experience by enhancing number recognition among early learners using visually appealing St. Patrick's Day themed visuals.

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