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St. Patrick's Day Odd and Even Flashcards

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St. Patrick's


Preschool, Grade 1, 2, 3



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About This Product

St. Patrick's Day Odd and Even Flashcards

The St. Patrick's Day Odd and Even Flashcards are an effective tool for teachers looking to improve their students' understanding of numbers. These flashcards integrate the celebration of St. Patrick's Day, offering a fun learning experience for students while they master crucial math skills.

These flashcards are suitable for children in preschool up to grade 3 since they enhance important abilities such as:

  • Number recognition
  • Reading ability
  • Counting ability
  • Writing prowess

The product includes three distinct types of A5 size flashcards:

  1. A set focusing on identifying if a number is odd or even;
  2. A set that targets only even numbers;
  3. The last set targets only odd numbers.

About The Flashcard Set:

Note-: Each set has 24 cards exposing learners to a variety of number representations so that they get a clear understanding about the oddness and evenness concept in numbers.

How To Prepare The Flashcords?

Pull out your selected sets, laminate them for long-lasting use, and cut out individual cards from your provided A4-sized PDF sheets.

How To Incorporate This Resource In Classroom Activities?
Distribute some selected cards among your class or small study groups and let them decide if each displayed number is either 'odd' or 'even'. You can do this by have them clip on pegs onto what they believe is the correct answer. Or use markers upon the laminated versions which can easily be wiped clean afterwards.

The St. Patrick's Day Odd & Even Flashcards bring numerous benefits for math classes and centers, as an interactive game or a review activity, all whilst keeping in line with the theme celebration new traditions like St.Patrick's day! Yet remember, execution does require proper guidance and consistent interaction between teacher-student throughout the learning process for it to be most effective.

What's Included

About this product

This product contains 3 different types of A5 size flashcards, 24 cards for identifying the odd or even number, 24 cards for identifying even numbers, and 24 cards for identifying odd numbers. PLEASE be aware that the activity is best used as a reviewing exercise.

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