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St. Patrick's Day PE Game

St. Patrick's Day PE Game
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St. Patrick's



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About This Product

This is a St. Patricks Day PE Game. This game teaches students to shoot, dribble and defend the basketball correctly with a St. Patrick's Day theme.

Students will love learning about the holiday while they exercise.


  • - detailed lesson plan

  • - visual gym layouts

  • - graphics

Begin by marking the spots where students should shoot from. You will need to designate a spot that represents every color of the rainbow. Choose an appropriate item such as a poly-spot, cone or hula hoop to mark each spot. Try to have the item match a color of the rainbow. If you do not have items that match the colors of the rainbow, simply label a cone or spot for each color. Vary the distance of spots from the goal for differentiation!

Print, cut out and laminate multiple shamrocks and rainbows (provided) for students to collect as they earn points.

Modifications: For lower grades, have students use the granny shot while remaining players practice passing. Have leprechauns change goals after every shot guarded to give them more exercise! Let each player shoot 2 times per turn! Vary the distance of shooting spots according to skill level of class.

FUN ENGAGING Activities, Student Friendly Visual Aids, Set-Up Instructions Included, Detailed Graphics, llustrations, and Instructions, Efficient and Organized Materials for ease of use and implementation, Great for All Grade Levels of Elementary and Middle school. Use for Multiple Years

Large group physical education games to use in your PE classes, summer camp or for your church youth group program. These quality products were designed to be engaging, student friendly and highly educational. They provide MVPA (Max Volume of Physical Activity) and high energy to provide an outlet for students to develop their cardiovascular fitness. Your students will love them! You can incorporate them with multiple classes at the same time or a single class at a time. Products are geared towards elementary and middle school students but can also be used with high school students successfully! The games can be modified for skill levels and to fit your gym size. The equipment suggested in the plan can be substituted for other items in your equipment closet.

Games - multi-skill games are designed for students having a wide range of abilities. These games can be used by PE teachers as a full unit or an extension of their unit. Combined with other numerous activities to be creative during a single class period. The individual products and activities can also be utilized by classroom teachers to organize recess activities keeping students active and focused during recess play. In addition, many of the products can be used to make great small-group activity for school events such as Field Days or as a seasonal rewards days.


For games - Plan includes a number of text boxes with headings and subheadings that correspond to the unique PE planning and structural procedures. It incorporates a wide variety of critical lesson plan components that are important for teaching large group games.

games provide opportunities for students to improve their catching, throwing, kicking, striking, running, goal keeping, tracking, dodging, tagging, reaction time, cardiovascular endurance, teamwork, sportsmanship, hand-eye coordination, accuracy & agility. One great thing about these games is that students can be placed in ability groups that consider developmental skill and fitness factors to help keep the games fair, even and safe for all.


Detailed Instructions in an Easy-to-Understand Lesson Plan Format, FUN and ENGAGING, Set-Up Diagrams Included, Use Year After Year, Great for Developing a Variety of PE Skills

What's Included

1 PDF with 15 ready to print pages

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