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Start Learning To Spell With Phonics (7-11 years)

Start Learning To Spell With Phonics (7-11 years)
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Grade 2, 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

Start Learning to Spell with Phonics: An Educational Resource for Children Aged 7-11

Start Learning to Spell with Phonics is an educational resource meticulously emphasizing on initial phonic sounds. Ideal for children aged 7-11, it aids kids in learning to spell three-letter words such as 'dog' and craft sentences using single-letter words. This toolkit proves useful in both group environments and individual assignments, providing engaging ways for students to practice their spelling skills.

Included Worksheets and Tasks:

  • Assortment of worksheets focusing on language arts and mainly spelling improvement.
  • Intriguing exercises that encourage learners to identify and utilize single phonic sounds effectively while spelling common country names.

Focused Phonic Guide:

The programme includes a unique feature of double blends like 'sh' (shop) and ‘ch’ (chin) which further develop sound recognition abilities. Tests provided offer students the chance to evaluate their understanding periodically.

Moving from Simple Blends:

Apart from simple blends, our material gives learners the opportunity of exploring complex words that begin with double blends like 'crab' or 'drum'. Exploring sentences provided within the plans empower learners in creating their vocabulary containing these double blends.

Zoggy’s Cartoons & Enjoyable Essays:

An interesting aspect is our captivating presentation using Zoggy – a beloved character known for imaginative challenges aligning with various phonics lessons. Fun-to-read essays crafted around absurd phonetics rhymes provide entertaining study sessions that improve language prowess.

Covering all Essential Concepts & Being Adaptable:

From initial sounds, ending ones to middle ones, Start Learning To Spell With Phonics ensures systematic literacy progression with its 22 unique task-based packs or challenges. By seamlessly blending into any learning environment from small groups to full classrooms, this fully adaptable PDF formatted toolkit offers flexibility to public school teachers or homeschoolers.

Making Language Arts Fun & Rewarding:

In walking through our book page by page, a student encounters new heritage towards spelling proficiency making language arts both rewarding and truly enjoyable!

What's Included

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