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Learn To Spell Words With 2 Or More Syllables (7-11 years)

Learn To Spell Words With 2 Or More Syllables (7-11 years)
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Grade 2, 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

Learn To Spell Words With 2 Or More Syllables (7-11 years)

This is a meticulously designed instructional resource intended for students from the 2nd to the 5th grade. As an integral aspect of Language Arts with Spelling as its key subject, it uses phonics and syllables as tools for teaching young learners.

Zoggy - Your Guide To Spelling Mastery

The pack includes a variety of creative work packs hosted by our friendly character, Zoggy. Hailing from Zen as a spelling genius, Zoggy navigates learners through an amusing terrain filled with zany cartoons and absurd phonic rhymes while presenting challenges based on different phonic sounds. This multimedia style reinforces learnt concepts making learning enjoyable!

Content Overview

  • 'ck' sounds discovery - hidden within engaging verses.
  • Plethora of interactive spelling tests encouraging progressive learning.

The levels of complexity in each unique work pack increase gradually, offering either as individual units or collectively - adaptability being one its standout features fitting into several teaching methods whether be it whole group sessions or small group instruction or even homework assignments.

Suited to The National Curriculum:, this comprehensive teaching tool stands out promising educators an effective way enhancing student’s knowledge & skills related to spelling words having two or more syllables. Easily Accessible Worksheets:, available in PDF file types providing additional convenience.

This wonderful addition fosters real-life skills while offering entertaining ways to enhance essential language art skills - ideal for any classroom or homeschooling setup!

What's Included

8 pages

Resource Tags

spelling masteryphonics-basedinteractive learningsyllableslanguage arts

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