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'Go To The Store' Spell Words With 'or’ (7-11 years)

'Go To The Store' Spell Words With 'or’ (7-11 years)
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Grade 2, 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

'Go To The Store' Spell Words With 'or’ (7-11 years)

This is an insightful teaching resource designed to help young learners, both in the traditional classroom setting and homeschooling environment, better understand and master phonics - an essential component of learning to read and spell. This product is ideal for learners in Grades 2 through Grade 5, focusing on the foundation Language Arts skill of Spelling.

Presented as a series of six-page PDF worksheets, this resource features activities that teach students how to spell words containing the 'or' sound. These educational exercises are paired with fun elements like engaging cartoons and humorous rhymes which grasp the interest of children aged between 7-11 years. As they complete these activities at their own pace, learners can improve important spelling skills while relishing every new discovery they make.

Zoggy's Guide

  • Our likable character Zoggy from Zen escorts your students throughout this fruitful journey. Known for his excellent spelling prowess, Zoggy makes spelling exciting by offering each challenge with charm.

  • Your students get a chance to read amusing 'or' rhymes and finish spelling tests focused on 'or', appreciating each step towards language proficiency under Zoggy's guidance.

Broad understanding & Flexibility
  • This resource provides foundational knowledge about initial blends, ending blends and middle sounds — vital tools for breaking down words into smaller parts for correct spelling purposes.

  • The material can be utilized flexible depending on educator needs—it functions well as material for collective instruction or small group discussions or even personal tutoring sessions with individual students who need additional help understanding phonic sounds.

Compliance with National Curriculum standards

Our ‘Go To The Store' Spell Words With 'Or’ teaching resource is compliant with National Curriculum standards relevant to Language Arts instruction at primary grades, i.e., Grades 2 through 5. It not only focuses on academic rigour but also ensures learning is fun and engaging for young learners. This product belongs to a collection of 22 different work packs or challenges, each revolving around a specific phonic sound.

What's Included

6 pages

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