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Storytelling Cards game - Travelling around Asia for ESL EFL TESOL

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Grade 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12



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Storytelling Cards game - Travelling around Asia for ESL EFL TESOL

This Printable Teaching Material is great for ESL, EFL Students, mainly High Schoolers/ Middle Schoolers (Teens), Homeschooling Classes or ANY English Second Language School Around the world! This ESL, EFL Game is great to improve English as a Second Language Vocabulary and Speaking skills. This Teaching Resources can be employed by ESL, EFL Centers Abroad and TESOL TEFL Tutors or independent teachers, educators around the globe (online or offline).

This ESL, EFL, TESOL Resource offers 80 Flashcards with Asia and Travelling Vocabulary + Sights (an airport, the Forbidden City, Tokyo Tower, the Taj Mahal, Mochi, Sushi, Hot Pot, Hong Kong, a Camera, a backpacker, BTS etc. …). These English as a Second or Foreign Language Storytelling Flashcards can be shuffled so students can pick their Flashcards to tell their own unique story.

Teachers and Students can use storytelling cards in various ways. My personal advice is to do the following spreads:

  • the MINI STORY: every Learner picks 3 Storytelling Flashcards and tries to create their Europe-themed story

  • the "NEVER ENDING STORY": every student picks by turn a card and given the outcome of the previous fished flashcards, he tries to continue the story's narration

These are only TWO of the many spreads ESL Teachers and Learners can come up with! Don't be Shy and use your creativity to teach/learn English!

This ESL, EFL, TESOL, TEFL Teaching Resource (80 storytelling Cards on Asia; 10 pages) can be great for Intermediate Advanced English as a second or foreign language learners. Its aim is to make students exercise and/or improve their speaking, storytelling English as a second language Skills.

ESL with Alan is a Brand New ESL, EFL, TESOL Store whose aim is to help English as a Second or foreign Language Teachers, Educators and Tutors (be it online or offline) to achieve their teaching objectives while creating a fun and stimulating environment. Never Forget! Learning is fun, so learn the Italian Language!

If you want to browse more of my PDF ESL, EFL, TESOL Teaching Resources, click here ESL with Alan!

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