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Subtraction Facts 1-18 Printable Workbook

An educational teaching resource from Twin Sisters Digital Media entitled Subtraction Facts 1-18 Printable Workbook downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

Subtraction Facts 1-18 Printable Workbook: An Indispensable Teaching Resource

The Subtraction Facts 1-18 Printable Workbook is an indispensable teaching resource for educators aiming to build a solid foundation in subtraction facts for students in Grades 1 to Grade 3.

This digital workbook has been meticulously designed by professional educators, ensuring the content is up-to-date, aligns with grade-level standards, and incorporates contemporary teaching strategies. This expansive 29-page packet contains a plethora of activities geared towards mastering subtraction facts from numbers one to eighteen.

A Wealth of Activities and Repetitive Practice

  1. The well-thought-out exercises are structured in a way that facilitates repeated practice, giving students ample opportunities to refine their skills until mastered.

  2. Each page can be conveniently printed out as many times as required - offering students unlimited chances for practice.

Invaluable Parent Tips Included

Furthermore, educators will appreciate the inclusion of Parent Tips within this workbook. These handy tips serve as invaluable guides that provide deeper insight into each topic and suggest additional methods for teaching these concepts effectively.

"Encompassing both classroom teachers and homeschoolers, this feature goes beyond just worksheets by fostering an enriched learning environment encouraging comprehension over rote memorization."

This resource introduces learners to more than mere subtraction facts; it encompasses counting groups too , further enriching students' numerical abilities.To wrap up: utilizable either in-class or at home; compatible with PDF file type requirements; all set ready-to-use;this entire package offers versatility married perfectly with effectiveness!

What's Included

A 29-page printable packet with activities for subtraction facts 1-18

Resource Tags

subtraction facts printable workbook teaching resource hands-on activities parent tips

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