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Subtraction Songs

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About This Product

Subtraction Songs

Subtraction Songs is an innovative teaching resource designed to promote mathematical learning in early years' education. Tailored specifically for preschool, kindergarten, grade one and grade two students, this resource introduces an engaging layer of fun to the traditionally academic subject of Math.

About the Product

The product comprises fourteen carefully crafted songs featuring dynamic pop rhythms, appealing saxophone tunes, and harmonious vocals. Stored in a zip file, these intuitive audio tracks cover subtraction challenges with minuends ranging from 0-18, allowing learners to progressively develop their skills.

  • "Count Down One" assists in simplifying subtraction problems for young learners.
  • "Fact Family" demonstrates methods for constructing relationships among numbers that enrich the understanding of number operations.

A Fun Learning Experience

The music-based approach substitutes typical math lessons with fun and engaging content. It makes memorable experiences while ensuring a deep understanding of basic subtractive techniques through catchy tunes that ignite interest among the students within this age group.

Versatile Usage

This product can cater to different scenarios - it functions well during whole group sessions in classrooms as well as small study groups consisting of homeschoolers; moreover it's perfectly suited as take-home work where learners get more exposure by replaying it at home or on-the-go extending retention time considerably through constant repetition or sing-alongs

In conclusion...

Making math captivating isn't an easy task but Subtraction Songs make sure mastering numbers is a delight rather than hard work! Teaching young minds has never been more enjoyable one tune at a time!

What's Included

1 zip file with 14 songs

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Subtraction Songs Math Teaching resource Interactive engagement

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