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Summer Vacation Narrative Writing Guide!

An educational teaching resource from The Language of Educational Art, LLC entitled Summer Vacation Narrative Writing Guide! downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 8, 9, 10, 11, 12





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About This Product

Summer Vacation Narrative Writing Guide

In a world where young minds are always seeking new adventures and experiences, the Summer Vacation Narrative Writing Guide serves as an engaging teaching resource tailored precisely for this spirited demographic. Developed specifically for language arts educators, this writing guide is suitable for students enrolled in Grade 8 through Grade 12 who are eager to flex their creative writing muscles.

Bridging the gap between imagination and structured narrative, the activity encourages students to channel their excitement about an upcoming summer vacation into practicing key literary skills. The core objective of this engaging lesson plan is to help learners methodically navigate the journey from 'planning to polished' narrative using a summer holiday theme.


This flexible resource lends itself well to adaptation across various setups. It can easily be implemented in whole group settings or small tutorial-style cohorts. This guide could even be offered as an interesting and thought-provoking assignment or homework task.

Component Features

  • A narrative map template helps students structure their story with minimal initial writing required by prompting them on essential elements such as location, characters, conflict, and personal theme.
  • A research chart that guides students in planning their imaginary vacations while collecting background information – a feature that could effectively double up as family trip planning assistance!
  • An outline activity guides learners step-by-step through developing their narratives based on visual cues provided earlier via map construction.
The Routes From Beginning To End!

This guide doesn't stop at introductory exercises; it takes your pupils right up until they complete their final draft – true evidence of its from planning-to-polished promise!

Evaluation & Grading: Nailed!

For assessment purposes, a transparent standards-based grading rubric (Standards: CCRA.W.3, CCRA.R.2., CCRA.L1., & CCRA.L2.) accompanies homework guidelines sheet generously shared along with general narrative writing tips plus peer edit checklists - indispensable resources no matter the setting.

Digital Format Compatibility

Teachers who would like to try this resource in the digital format will appreciate its compatibility with EASEL by TpT as it enables an effortless transition from traditional classwork to online learning platforms.

Use the Summer Vacation Narrative Writing Guide and let your students delight in their imminent summer vacation while simultaneously sharpening their narrative writing expertise!

What's Included

A “10-second sub plan” (print and drop on your desk!) or the basis of a week-long writing unit (perfect for the year's final narrative assessment!), your purchase includes:

A narrative map template that assists students on selecting their summer vacation narrative's location, foil character, conflict, and personal theme (almost no writing required!)

A research chart so students can plan their summer vacation and gather background for their narrative (great for family trip planning assistance!)

A narrative outline activity, where students can take their map’s visual guidelines and begin the narrative drafting process

A summer vacation narrative writing assignment sheet that includes descriptions of famous summer stories, a due date calendar, general narrative writing tips, a peer edit checklist, and standards-based grading rubric (Standards: CCRA.W.3, CCRA.R.2, CCRA.L.1, and CCRA.L.2)

All 4-pages of this lesson are provided in B&W and full color (for lucky teachers with access to color printing!)

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