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Ten Frame, 1-20. Thanksgiving Theme

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Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1



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About This Product

Ten Frame, 1-20, Thanksgiving Theme

An invaluable addition to any early year's educator’s resource kit. With a holiday-twist, it is designed around a Thanksgiving theme and helps young learners understand the concept of numbers.

Product Description

  • Carefully curated Google Slide presentation comprising 20 slides.
  • Assists in teaching numbers from 1 to 20 via ten frames.
  • Incorporation of the Thanksgiving theme throughout.
  • Fosters youngsters’ enthusiasm for upcoming festivities.

Versatility and Adaptability

The product can be employed using multiple strategies suitable for different learning environments - large groups, small clusters or even singularly during home-based sessions or homework assignments.

Educational Support

The product supports kindergarten, preschool and grade one curriculums enabling educators to blend joyous festival vibes into basic arithmetic learning.>

Maintaining High Resolution

This activity is packed within an easy-to-access Microsoft PowerPoint filetype compatible across platforms maintaining high resolution over diverse screen sizes both digital for online sessions or printable based on your academic plan.

In conclusion: Ten Frame, 1-20 - Thanksgiving Theme helps lay solid groundwork pertaining to numbers while letting children revel into the spirit of gratitude synonymous with 'Thanksgiving'.

What's Included

Google Slides for the activities.

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Ten Frame Thanksgiving Numbers Math Holiday

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