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The Antique Shop: Learn The Phonic Sounds que and gue (antique)

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The Antique Shop: Learn The Phonic Sounds que and gue (antique)

This is a comprehensive resource that streamlines the process of teaching budding readers to master two-syllable words. This engaging journey through phonics is ideal for students aged 4 and above, those struggling with reading in the age group of 7 to 9, children facing learning difficulties or English language learners.

These reading packs provide a structured guide aimed at incorporating 44 phonic sounds into the text. In the adventures of Sam, students get to search for hidden sounds within their reading material - an interesting challenge designed to engage even reluctant readers.

  • Aim: By progressively building up these phonic sounds, children can ultimately read almost 80% of words used in English language. Phonics as a methodology emphasizes breaking down words into their fundamental sounds or syllables (pl-ay-ing), thereby fast-tracking progress.
  • Inclusions: Stories such as 'The Bouncing Castle' and 'The Famous Cousin From The Country' serve as practice materials aimed at strengthening comprehension abilities of complex middle sounds. Upon completion, students will be better prepared for 'solo' reading books like Roald Dahl's George's Marvellous Medicine' and 'Fantastic Mr Fox'.
  • Fringe Benefits:Cut-out practice pages allow learners match words with pictures and phrases with pictures – anchoring sound words firmly in student's memory bank. Resources can be selected according to individual student needs or follow a suggested order for complete non-readers.

To extract maximum benefits,

  1. Select & introduce specified sound pack.
  2. Carefully read through sentences/stories multiple times while discussing related images.
  3. Match word lists against accompanying visuals; repeat until proficiency.

Laying a solid foundation in phonics and reading becomes significantly easier with this tool in your teaching arsenal. Suitable for grades from Pre-K to Grade 2, with a primary focus on language arts and phonics, this PDF offers printable worksheets perfect for group instruction or independent practice.

What's Included

20 pages

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phonics reading comprehension learning difficulties English language learners phonetic sounds

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