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Donald’s: Learn The Phonic Sound au and aw (author, straw)

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The Donald's: Learn The Phonic Sounds au and aw (author and straw)

A valuable teaching resource for children of all ages, the toolkit provides a dynamic approach to phonics teaching. It appeals especially to children from age 7 who find reading challenging, have learning difficulties or are ESL learners.
Can be used for individual tutoring or small group sessions.


  • Comprehensive course with 44 phonic sounds.
  • Engaging stories featuring character ‘Sam’ whose adventures subtly incorporate phonic sounds.
  • Eases syllabic understanding e.g. pl-ay-ing, which dramatically boosts reading progress.

The outcome generates proficiency in identification and pronunciation of approximately 80% of English words.

Included Stories:

    'The Bouncing Castle'
    'The Famous Cousin From The Country',

Tales such as these break down complex middle sounds being learnt in parallel. Upon scheme completion, students are qualified sufficient to independently handle famous Roald Dahl works like 'Georges Marvellous Medicine' or 'Fantastic Mr Fox' etc.


The kits also contain cut-out sheets matching words/phrases with complementary pictures engendering sound memory retention. vivid illustrations boost appeal factor for young learners enabling repetition over time per batch-of-students without losing pedagogical impact.


Kits designed principally as standalone units concentrated on specific sound groups can be chosen according to necessity devoid of pre-set sequence application. Units introducing simple beginning sounds (e.g., constructing three/four-letter words) might be a beneficial starting point for absolute beginners.


Typically, transition proceeds from sounds such as ch, sh, wh to more complicated ones like ei, prefixes/suffixes. The objective is sound introduction followed by consistent sentence or story reading practice emphasizing on the specific sound.

Toolkit Content:

The 20-paged toolkit divided amongst printable worksheets serves hands-on practice to Early Learners including Grade-1 students. It proves to be an esteemed resource for language arts educators focusing on phonics teaching.

What's Included

20 pages

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