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The Bouncy Castle: Learn The Phonic Sound ou (loud)

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About This Product

The Bouncy Castle: Learn The Phonic Sound ou (loud)

'The Bouncy Castle: Learn The Phonic Sound ou (loud)' is a highly flexible and interactive phonics education tool. It is perfect for educators teaching early learning to grade 1, particularly those focused on language arts and phonics. This resource can be used in various teaching contexts such as whole group instruction, small group activities, or homework assignments.

The package provides educators with structured content which presents 44 distinct phonic sounds within engaging stories. As students follow the tales of a captivating character named Sam, they are not only able to enhance their reading skills, but also learn to think critically as they search for hidden sounds within the text.

  • 'The Bouncy Castle' enables students to decode up to 80% of English language words by breaking them into identifiable syllables like pl-ay-ing - this greatly accelerates learning progress for difficult learners aged 7+ and students who are learning English as a foreign language.
  • This pack also contains additional stories like 'The Famous Cousin From The Country' that help reinforce complex middle sound recognition — progressively preparing children for independently reading books like Roald Dahl's 'Georges Marvellous Medicine' or 'Fantastic Mr Fox'.
  • To further this multisensory experience, there are cut-out practice pages included which help match words with corresponding pictures and phrases — making it even more deeply ingrained in the cognition.

In terms of sequence if you're starting from scratch then first introduce packs that cover initial sounds then gradually move onto more intricate patterns using the order provided in product details.

A step-by-step approach:

  1. Each pack introduces a new sound: learn the sound together.
  2. Read the related sentences or stories, perfect pronunciation, and initiate discussions about related images.
  3. To conclude, use the list of words and phrases provided to match with previous pictures — a fantastic recapitulation activity!

Repeat these steps until students are entirely familiar with each sound. 'The Bouncy Castle: Learn The Phonic Sound ou (loud)' is a comprehensive solution for making phonics learning interactive. This allows educators to adapt it according to their teaching style — guaranteeing effective learning outcomes every time.

What's Included

28 pages

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