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"The Coffee Shop" - An Economics Play

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Grade 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

The Coffee Shop - An Economics Play is a four-page Word document designed as an engaging and interactive tool for teaching economics. It caters to students across diverse grade levels although it is primarily designed for Grades 10, 11, and 12. Particularly helpful for educators seeking innovative approaches, this play successfully integrates learning with enjoyment ensuring an enhanced level of student participation and understanding.

This unique play navigates through important economic concepts including:

  • Meaning of investment
  • The operation of stock markets
  • The rationale behind investment choices
  • The manner in which businesses utilize investment capital
  • The critical role played by banks in the field of investment.

It intersperses these fundamental themes with practical real-life situations offering valuable insight into complex financial mechanisms.

Teachers can choose to implement 'The Coffee Shop - An Economics Play' within traditional lesson plans or adapt it for group enactments with roles assigned to varied students. This not only encourages peer collaboration but also allows students to view economic principles from different angles. The performance aspect promotes active class participation aiding oral communication skills development.

A Dynamic Post-Play Tool for Discussion

Audiences can engage in vibrant post-play discussions after each enactment enabling teachers to revisit topics fostering a solid understanding of complex financial dynamics. Such dialogues provide a realistic glimpse into corporate discourse equipping young learners with knowledge about the functioning within global economies.

Versatile & Flexible

  • Suitable use beyond classrooms like during school events or homeschooling sessions where it augments hands-on learning experiences.
  • Being editable provides flexibility for timely reinforcement of different subjects.

'The Coffee Shop' - An Economics Play while primarily designed to complement Social Studies/Economics syllabus is a universally beneficial teaching aid. Given its unconventional yet demonstrably effective approach, it promises to enhance your students' economic understanding while keeping them thoroughly entertained.

What's Included

4-page Word doc

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Economics education Interactive learning Play-based learning Financial systems Investment concepts

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