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The Day Before School: Learn Long u (-ue, u_e, -u, -ui, ew)

The Day Before School: Learn Long u (-ue, u_e, -u, -ui, ew)
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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

The Day Before School: Learn Long u (-ue, u_e, -u, -ui, ew)

This is a highly effective teaching resource curated to specifically enhance the phonics sounds of long 'u'. It is beneficial for children aged 4 years and above and can significantly improve the reading skills of beginner readers or ESL students. It shows notable efficacy in helping older reluctant readers and those with learning difficulties.


This product can easily be incorporated into various lesson plans. It is ideal for one-to-one tutoring or small group activities under educator's supervision.

Narrative Learning Approach

It provides an engaging narrative featuring the character Sam to teach 44 phonic sounds. Through navigating Sam’s adventures, students practice identifying hidden phonograms building their reading proficiency.

Progression Strategy:
  • The course introduces complex middle sounds through engaging stories in a phased manner ensuring continuous student progress.
  • Newly skilled young readers will be ready to confidently venture into popular literature like Roald Dahl's works upon course completion.
Cut-out Practice Pages:
This unique feature brings interactivity into strengthening word-to-picture association skills enhancing sound recognition capacity. Pack Usage Recommendation:
Although packs can function independently for individual learning needs it’s recommended that complete non-readers start with initial sounds progressing through specific phonic sounds following provided sequence guide. Suggested Teaching Procedure:
Each sound has clear instructions:
  1. Familiarize learner(s) with the new sound.
  2. Sentence level repetitive reading followed by comprehension discussions using vivid pictures.
  3. An accompanying word matching exercise upon concluding each story helps reinforce newly acquired skills.
Final Thought
In essence, The Day Before School: Learn Long u (-ue, u_e, -u, -ui, ew) reading pack converts phonics instruction into an intriguing learning journey of linguistic exploration. It not just teaches sounds it helps shape readers.

What's Included

17 pages

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