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The Human Brain-Includes Kahoot, Smart Cookie Game and a Hands-On Activity About the Brain

The Human Brain-Includes Kahoot, Smart Cookie Game and a Hands-On Activity About the Brain
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About This Product

The Human Brain-Includes Kahoot, Smart Cookie Game, and a Hands-On Activity About the Brain

A comprehensive teaching resource for grade levels 4-12 offering two detailed lessons in Google Slide Deck format. The aim is to ignite interest and understanding of the brain's complex functionality.

Lesson One:

In this lesson, students learn about parts of the human brain - including lobes and cerebellum. The resources provided include:

  • An embedded video link on slide two showcasing human hands representing different parts of the brain.
  • A handout outlining each part of the brain with its respective function to be used with a matching activity that promotes engagement.
Capping Off Lesson One:

The lesson concludes with 12 distinct activities comprising "brain games", which can be played individually or in small groups. These games are designed to stimulate critical thinking and collaborative problem-solving abilities.

Lesson Two:

Students first revise concepts via a fun Kahoot quiz before diving deeper into understanding specific parts such as amygdala, frontal lobe, hippocampus. This session includes:
  • A hands-on activity where learners construct these components using clay or play dough based on given instructions.
  • An illustrative diagram handout helping explain how these sections interact within our brains.
  • Reflective discussions based on student inputs regarding behavior management by these components inside our brains.
Capping Off Lesson Two: 'Guessing words related to their study so far' is made interactive by playing Smart Cookie.' Clues are provided via an accessible game link placed within cookie image itself.

This Digital Teaching resource offers educators extensive pedagogical tools fostering holistic learning through comprehensive lessons, hands-on activities, quizzes, and games. It can be employed in diverse learning environments like full classroom sessions, small study groups or as enrichment homework assignments.

What's Included

A Google Slide deck access with 2 lessons. Click on the brain image for Slide Deck Access.

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