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The Legends of Hip Hop Research Guide

An educational teaching resource from The Language of Educational Art, LLC entitled The Legends of Hip Hop Research Guide downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

The Legends of Hip Hop Research Guide This 6-page resource guides students through researching and writing a 5-paragraph essay on a hip hop legend. First, students select an artist and gather background information using a scaffolded worksheet. Next, they use another worksheet to outline their essay, following step-by-step instructions on structuring their writing. Finally, students write a draft, participate in peer review, and submit a final paper that conforms to MLA style conventions. The pack includes an essay prompt with writing tips, peer review checklist, and Common Core-aligned rubric to easily implement and assess. Use the full guide for a complete lesson or just portions to supplement existing curriculum. Best for grades 7-10 ELA or music classes.

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