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The Magna Carta - the Great Charter, a classroom play

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Having my students involved in the learning process in my room is so much fun. Here is a 10-15 minute play to help bring alive history in your classroom!

I use the Magna Carta play to help introduce the important topic of the Magna Carta. The overall theme, of course, is that no king (or government) is above the law. Three of the "rights" claimed by the unhappy barons are mentioned in the play, too. Currently, I am using this as part of an American History classroom. We are learning about the Roots of Representative Government. However, this resource can be used in many ways when learning about democracy, rights, the English Bill or Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and more. All have been influenced by Magna Carta.

Students love being active while learning, and this gives them the chance. Every student can be involved if you choose. There are non-speaking parts like the "Knights of the King."


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