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The move to Global War - IB Paper 1 Full Course Notes - 39 Pages


Grade 12

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About This Product

This thirty-nine-page pack is the incredibly detailed and complete set of notes I have written for my students. It is basically an entire course on the I.B. Paper 1 Move to Global War in one pack! Notes are broken down into the following sections:

  • How can we explain Japanese expansion in the move to Global War?

  • How did Japan move to Global War?

  • How did Italy fit into inter-war European geopolitics?

  • Why was the international response to the Abyssinian Crisis so weak?

  • How and why did German foreign policy develop?

I am confident you will love this resource because there is nothing on the Internet which I have found which offers the same level of breadth and detail on this topic.

Your students will find the notes supremely useful and they will help them achieve examination success

What's Included

39 pages of student notes for the IB Paper 1 Move to Global War course.

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