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The New Headteacher: Write A Letter (9-13 years)

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Grade 4, 5, 6





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About This Product

The New Headteacher: Write A Letter (9-13 years)

The New Headteacher: Write A Letter is an engaging and productive resource for kids aged 9 to 13, combining creativity with learning. This teaching resource offers students the chance to hone their writing skills while practicing critical thinking.

In a captivating scenario, learners embark on crafting non-fiction letters concerning a new school headteacher who implements some timetable changes. The process begins with reading a letter from the new headteacher announcing changes in the schedule.

Then learners are tasked with writing an email response, using prompts that encourage strategic formulation of opinions. But their creativeness doesn't stop there - they further stretch their imaginations as they contribute towards designing an innovative school timetable themselves!

  • In this phase, students act as headteachers drafting letters about their proposed enhancements.
  • In another exciting shift of perspectives, students then become parents writing responses to these proposed shifts.

This valuable resource aids creative writing skills amongst children with its thoughtful incorporation of thematic prompts. Also included are beneficial plans guiding learners about narrative structures or story outlines, aiding them in creating reports, articles or play scripts among others.

Ideal For Different Settings and Classes

This PDF worksheet series is primarily designed for grade 4 to grade 6 classrooms encompassing Language Arts curriculum but can be effectively implemented across various instructional settings:

  1. Whole group classroom lessons,
  2. Small cooperative learning groups,
  3. Solo homework assignments.

Taking Vocabulary Skills To Another Level

The immersive prompts included gradually introduce challenging vocabulary enhancing language use mastery – making The New Headteacher: Write A Letter useful for educators looking to develop articulate communicators out of their learners.

What's Included

13 pages

Resource Tags

writing skills critical thinking argumentation creativity correspondence

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