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The New Timetable: Lots Of Writing Tasks To Complete (9-13 years)

The New Timetable: Lots Of Writing Tasks To Complete (9-13 years)
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Grade 4, 5, 6





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About This Product

Teaching Resource Review: The New Timetable

The New Timetable: Lots Of Writing Tasks To Complete (9-13 years) superbly combines education and creativity. This resource is ideal for 4th to 6th-grade students in various educational settings, including public schools and homeschools, aiming primarily at enriching language arts through an emphasis on writing skills improvement.

'The New Timetable' encourages creative thinking and enhances writing abilities via a myriad of innovative tasks centered on 'The New Timetable'. The initial student engagement includes creating a structured, humorous recount from the first-person perspective. Additional comprehension questions reinforce understanding while fostering critical thinking abilities.

  • Beyond textual analysis, this product nurtures interpersonal skills by prompting students to interview their peers from 'class seven', thereby improving perspective-taking capabilities.
  • In teaching persuasive techniques, the activities include replying in written form showcasing varying parental viewpoints.
Creativity Aspects:

The most notable feature involves designing 'The Virtual Headteacher Experience.' Herein children create their unique school environment plus timetable - an activity that encourages imagination while subtly developing leadership roles familiarity.

Dynamic not static learning material:


This resource stands out as it fuses instructions with practical examples rather than serving as mere worksheets. Learners get theoretical awareness reinforced by practical applications – making it dynamic in nature as opposed to typical static study materials.If needed can Google for more info.

User-friendly PDF Format:

This learning tool is available in a hassle-free PDF format thus provident accessibility at any time or location preferred by educators; eliminating reliance on physical copies or special reader tools.

Concluding Remarks:

This resource, while best employed in a group setting, exhibits natural versatility as these tasks can be transferred to various settings, like small groups or even assigned as individual homework; thereby appealing to diverse learning needs and environments.

What's Included

13 pages

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