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The Periodic Table - Google Slides and PowerPoint Lesson

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Grade 7, 8, 9

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About This Product

Periodic Table - Google Slides and PowerPoint Lesson

This digital resource, designed for grade 7-9 science educators, brings life to the vast world of chemistry—specifically, the periodic table. This two-day lesson package engages students in interactive learning while providing teachers user-friendly resources in both office and Google formats.

Topic Coverage

  • History – Mendeleev
  • Element squares
  • Atomic number & atomic mass
  • Valence electrons
  • Metals/Non-metals and Metalloids
  • Groups, families & periods
  • .

All themes are complemented by engaging videos with a correlating worksheet accessible directly from the presentation itself.

User-Friendly Formatting

All files come in Word along with Google Doc versions. The presentation materials are offered through PowerPoint or Google Slide formats for your convenience. Compatibility issues have been pre-adjusted for seamless use across all platforms.

Versatile Usage Patterns :

This kit can be used in whole-class discussions or small group activities. Even homework assignments derived from these resources would be beneficial due to its user-friendly design! Note:

You just need one click via our link to automatically create copies of these educational tools that would reside straight into your personal drive making it an ideal fit within distance learning allocation or other such settings requiring easy access regardless of location or type of devices available!

What's Included

Included in the lesson package is:

- Office and Google versions of the presentation

- The teacher version of the presentation

- The student version of the presentation

- Auto-graded Exit Ticket

- Videos embedded in the presentation

- Student worksheet

- Student lesson handout

In order, the lesson covers:

1) History – Mendeleev

2) Element squares

3) Atomic Number

4) Atomic Mass

5) Valence Electrons

6) Metals/Non-Metals and Metalloids

7) Groups and Families

8) Periods

Resource Tags

Periodic Table Chemistry Digital Resource Lesson Package Google Slides periodic table google metals nonmetals metalloids powerpoint

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