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The Road to Revolution Diplomacy Game - Round #2 Stamp Act

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History: USA


Grade 8, 9, 10, 11



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About This Product

The Road to Revolution Diplomacy Game - Round #2 Stamp Act: An Engaging Classroom Resource

"The Road to Revolution Diplomacy Game - Round #2 Stamp Act" is a combinatory tool of game-play and learning designed for high school level teaching. Detailing the period between the French and Indian War and American Revolution, it can be employed as a stand-alone teaching resource or part of a four-lesson series. Primarily designed for U.S history curriculum within Grades 8 through 11, it actively involves students in understanding key historical events.

An Adaptable Tool for Varied Learning Environments

This tool flexibly adapts to both large group instruction and small group activities, even suitable as an engaging homework task encouraging at-home participation. Its aim is simple yet powerful: ignite students' interest in history by allowing them firsthand experience of influential roles during America's foundational years.

A Carefully Crafted Historical Role-Play Experience

  • In the gameplay, students find themselves role-playing characters from colonial assemblies or British Parliament, with options to represent key figures like the king!

  • This unique lesson on 'Road to Revolution' enables them to experience how parliamentary decisions influenced key events such as The Sugar Act (1764), Parliament 1763's Proclamation, and most notably 'The Stamp Act' (1765).

  • The engaging activity encourages active learning as they forge political alliances echoing real-life decisions by historical figures.

  • It also allows them collaborative problem-solving via creating solutions in various forms like official documents & media broadcasts aiming at their side's progression.

Enriching Historical Knowledge and Engagement

The resources for this lesson are provided in easily accessible formats: three Word docs along with one PDF file. Active use of these resources facilitates significant knowledge about important events like Virginia Resolves (1765), Repeal of Stamp Act (1776), The Townshend Acts (677), among others, making it directly applicable through reenactment - stimulating a more profound engagement with history.

An Insightful Blend Of History and Strategy

As students navigate the high-voltage sequence of "The Road to Revolution Diplomacy Game - Round #2 Stamp Act", they gain inspiring insight into not just history but also political negotiation and strategic thought. This resource drums up great potential for learning that is both fun-filled and enriching!

What's Included

3 Word docs


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