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The Snowy Day Book Companion & Artic Practice - BOOM Cards

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The Snowy Day Book Companion & Artic Practice - BOOM Cards

An interactive device to supplement the much-loved children’s book, The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats that enhances vocabulary and promotes critical thinking. The tool mainly centers on the development of both receptive and expressive language skills to augment a child's communication abilities.

This companion not only boosts language competency but also comes loaded with fun-filled activities to keep students interested. An important feature is targeted articulation practice, including drills for various phonemes:

  • [b, d, f, g, h, j, k]
  • [l ,m ,n ,p]
  • [r ,s t...
  • These are covered in the initial (beginning), medial (middle), or final (end) position of words.
  • Pronunciations like sh-, th-, ch-

A special addition is a snow-globe decorating task which provides enjoyable diversion while still aiming towards scholastic goals.

Crafted for students from preschool through grade 5 and excellently suited for special resources subjects such as speech therapy sessions. It can be incorporated conveniently into different lesson modes: whole class instruction or group work; it can serve as homework too! This flexibility assists educators in seamlessly fitting it into any teaching routine - proving it helpful yet adaptable.

The download is available as 1 easy-to-access PDF file containing a URL link to Boom Card.
In summary: Intriguing assignments; genuine advantages- that's what ‘The Snowy Day Book Companion & Artic Practice’ promises!

What's Included

1 PDF file with a link to Boom Card.

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