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The Solar System: Introduction to the Solar System

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

The Solar System: Introduction to the Solar System - A Teaching Resource

Ignite an interest in astronomy among your students with a concise yet comprehensive guide that takes young explorers on a captivating journey through our celestial neighborhood - the Solar System.

An Accessible Introduction to Space Exploration

This module simplifies complex scientific theories and concepts into accessible language, perfect for students in grades five through eight. Covering topics from planetary orbits to lunar cycles, it sparks curiosity about space exploration.

  • The inner and outer planets
  • Differences between asteroid belts and meteor showers
  • Lunar cycles and phases of the moon

Educative Hands-on Activities For Students

This resource also offers various hands-on activities designed to further intrigue about our universe's remarkable wonders. Catering effectively to different learning styles within the classroom, these activities ensure optimal student engagement. They can be implemented for whole-class instruction or smaller group work, extending also as engaging homework assignments.

A Useful Additional Tool for Teachers & Remedial Students alike!
Bullet-pointed Benefits:
  • Easier relaying of complex concepts via simpler language
  • Inclusion of color mini posters along with various assessment tools such as crosswords puzzles & word search games Emphasis on conceptual understanding without being overwhelming Exemplifying Common Core State Standards Supporting Bloom’s Taxonomy methodology & STEM initiatives advancement. Note: Although specifically beneficial for remedial students; this teaching resource proves just as effective & fun while educating mainstream student population," The Solar System: An Introduction to the Solar System" is truly a tool for all.

    Engage your class with exciting exploration of celestial bodies with The Solar System: An Introduction to The Solar System.

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