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The Spooky Tree Audio Book

An educational teaching resource from Twin Sisters Digital Media entitled The Spooky Tree Audio Book downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

The Spooky Tree Audio Book

The Spooky Tree Audio Book is an engaging, non-terrifying audio resource that captures the imaginations of young students from preschool to first grade. This book combines an entertaining story about Liz and Billy's encounter with a spooky tree with impactful sound effects.

Suitable for All Seasons

This audio resource is perfect for Halloween or any season. In the story, lightning strikes a pole near Liz and Billy's home, causing them to reconsider their feelings about the nearby immense, eerie tree. Teachers can use this narrative to promote listening skills and introduce storytelling elements.

Flexible Learning Tool in MP3 Format
  • Can be used for whole group activities promoting shared responses and discussions.
  • In smaller groups it enhances personalized instruction creating intimate atmospheres fostering deeper understanding.
  • Assigned as homework promotes independent learning at home allowing students to learn at their own pace enhancing comprehension skills.
A Unique Teaching Resource

The Spooky Tree Audio Book serves those seeking unique ways to motivate growing readers. It combines engaging narratives enriched with resonating sound effects in a fun way that help learners grasp complex language arts principles.

A Timeless Lesson Beyond Halloween

This audio book isn't confined within Halloween but imparts timeless language learning lessons transforming everyday instruction into vibrant multi-level experiences catering to all facets of early years education spectrum.

What's Included

1 MP3 file for The Spooky Tree

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