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The Wild Robot Book 1 by Peter Brown Discussion Questions

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Language Arts


Grade 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

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About This Product

his is a complete page guide that can be used in small groups or as a whole group.

It includes thoughtful questions to help students better understand and enjoy what they read, and to help you check for their comprehension. The guide is broken into sections and includes chapters so it is easy to follow and helpful when creating student's reading assignments. This is a Microsoft doc. and is a great resource for both traditional written responses and digital reader's notebooks.

It includes:

-Chapter assignments

-Thoughtful comprehension questions (character analysis, prediction, drawing conclusions, inferring, etc.)


-Key Terms/ Vocabulary

What's Included


Ch. 57

Using the text excerpt from the first paragraph of the chapter, annotate the bold words with your own thinking and then illustrate what you visualize.

Strange sounds were echoing from the far side of the pond. What started as a low murmur gradually swelled to a chorus of terrified voices. There was an eerie glow in that part of the forest, and a thick plume of smoke began rising up from the snowy treetops. (p185)

-Discuss student responses.

Ch. 58

Why was the Nest so harmonious and what does that mean?

-Because of the truce Roz formed between the animals. It means they are all getting along peacefully.

Ch. 59

Compare and contrast spring to other seasons in our story, such as winter or previous springs.

-Many animals froze to death and as the snow melted their bodies were discovered. Their bodies helped nourish the soil, there were fewer birds singing and insects buzzing. Then lodgers returned to their own homes.

Ch. 60

Was Rockmouth a nuisance or was he misunderstood? Explain.

-He was a grumpy old fish who had been trapped in the beaver’s dam. He was frustrated.

Ch. 61 & 62

How does Roz create such a reputation for herself?

-She helps so many creatures with different things and develops close relationships with a variety of animals. News spreads.

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