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Theme Scenes Spring, Boom Cards Speech Therapy, Easter, Springtime, Weather

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About This Product

Theme Scenes Spring, Boom Cards Speech Therapy

This innovative teaching resource is designed for both public school educators and homeschooling parents. Developed specifically for language acquisition enhancement, it offers an array of interactive activities centered around the theme of spring.

What’s inside?

  • A compilation of 13 thematic scenes related to spring, Easter, and weather.
  • Each carefully crafted illustration showcases contexts like planting a garden or participating in a picnic.
  • The package is inclusive of movable pieces that inspire creativity and facilitate learning through active engagement.
Fostering Essential Skill Development:
  • Sentence creation
  • Question formulation
  • Answering WH questions
  • \

A Unique Approach to Teaching:

The product encourages personalized teaching approaches, aligned with individualized student objectives rather than sticking to pre-determined question cards or prompts.

Inclusive Learning Options:

Digital flashcards can be used during whole group instruction, promoting inclusive participation irrespective of different skill levels. The material does not limit itself to just this approach but can also be adapted for small groups or individual homework assignments depending entirely on what best suits your learners' needs.

Ideal Tool For:\
  1. Homeschoolers
  2. \
  3. Educators supervising special resources subjects

What's Included

♥ Includes 13 spring themed interactive scenes:

1. Playing in the rain

2. Planting a garden

3. Getting dressed for the rain

4. Building a sandwich/going on a picnic

5. Spring on the farm

6. Playing on the playground

7. Playing in the sandbox

8. Flying a kite/ Rainbows/ Butterflies

9. Rabbits

10. Bugs and insects/ Bees

11. Catching bugs at night

12. Egg hunt in the backyard

13. Egg hunt at a church

* Please note there are no question or prompt cards that accompany these scenes. They are designed for the therapist or teacher to use for targeting their goals the way they need to- I wanted them to be open ended so that you can use the scenes to elicit/prompt for language in your own individualized way. This deck includes 13 interactive scenes (with moveable pieces/pictures) and nothing additional.

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