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Things That Begin With P

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About This Product

Things That Begin With P: A Versatile Teaching Resource

This product is an innovative teaching resource designed to help children learn about items starting with the letter P. It features a collection of 20 vibrant, hand-drawn, colored clip arts suitable for early learning stages such as preschool, kindergarten, grades 1 and 2.

The package offers each illustration in two formats:

  • A color-rich version that captivates young learners
  • A simple black-and-white variant for ease of use

You can find depictions for words such as oar, octagon, octopus, onion, orange ostrich oval owl and oyster within this comprehensive collection.

High-Quality Images Tailored for Teaching needs

All illustrations are of excellent image quality with a crisp 300 DPI resolution. They maintain their neatness irrespective of enlarged or resized dimensions – a feature that ensures clear visibility during class lessons or study sections.

Ease-of-Use across Various Platforms

. The package comes packaged in one ZIP file format which simplifies downloading and resource management. Furthermore - the product is highly compatible due its Image PNG file type making it can be easily integrated into various platforms.

Versatility in Classroom Application

The Things That Begin With P teaching resource offers versatility in classroom use:

  1. You can implement the resources during whole group instruction where you discuss each item painstakingly,
  3. In smaller focus groups to foster pupil’s active engagement,
  5. Or even as part of homework assignments enabling learners work independently at home.

Please note that, although credit isn't obligatory upon the use of these illustrations, acknowledgement would definitely be cherished!

In Conclusion...

With its beautifully hand-drawn designs that awaken young learners’ curiosity and interest, Things That Begin With P will undoubtedly be a repeat choice for many educators!

What's Included

1 ZIP File

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