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This or That Game: Summer Edition

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About This Product

Discover the "This or That Game: Summer Edition" – a fun and interactive digital educational resource designed to increase student engagement and inspire collaboration among your learners. Carefully crafted by skilled educators, this PowerPoint presentation features 17 interactive slides filled with captivating summer-themed visuals to catch the attention of your students.

Ideal for stimulating classroom discussions and encouraging imaginative thinking, this adaptable game challenges players to select between two presented options on each slide. By doing so, you can better understand their preferences while simultaneously honing their communication skills as they justify their choices. Experience enjoyable debates emerge as critical thinking develops through the engrossing gameplay!

To further inspire thought-provoking conversations and improve writing skills, we have added three bonus questions at the end of the activity that can be used as writing prompts on summertime experiences. These thought-stirring inquiries motivate students to explore their ideas and opinions more deeply.

Created with passion by fellow educators at, our "This or That Game: Summer Edition" makes a valuable addition to your collection of digital resources! Purchase now for an invigorating learning atmosphere all year round!

What's Included

1 PowerPoint with 17 interactive slides

Resource Tags

summer activity summer game this or that holiday printable writing prompts

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