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Time and Money Printable Workbook: Get Ready for 1st Grade:

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Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

Time and Money Printable Workbook: Get Ready for 1st Grade

This essential teaching resource is crafted by professional educators to deliver outstanding, grade-specific math instruction. The focus of this digital workbook is on time and money concepts, supporting mathematical knowledge progression in children transitioning to 1st grade.

The workbook follows current teaching methodologies that match standard grade-level expectations. It exposes learners to key topics such as:

  • Recognition of hour and minute hands on a clock face
  • Understanding half and quarter hours
  • Fundamental money values
  • Recognizing various coins - pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters - and dollar bills.

This resource allows unlimited printing of worksheets for recurrent reinforcement aiding in mastering the subjects — an aspect vital in any learning environment where practice makes perfect.

Inclusion of Parent Tips & Hands-On Activities:

The additional advantage of these materials includes Parent Tips that provide background information enhancing comprehension with innovative ideas for efficient knowledge impartation. Furthermore, there are engaging activities throughout the pages along with interesting challenges specifically tailored for young learners. This combination creates an enjoyable learning atmosphere while helping students practice their acquired skills.

Easily Available & User-Friendly:

Available as a 25-page printable packet ready-to-use anytime needed without much preparation involved — small groups could work together or independently while it equally serves well within whole group discussions or even can be assigned individually as homework tasks reinforcing classroom teachings effectively at home too!

A Comprehensive Learning Resource Aligned To Curriculum Standards:

This comprehensive package delivered in PDF format caters essentially towards students in Grades 1-3 covering the vital mathematics subcategory: Time. It stands as an allied partner in imparting self-assured knowledge furnishing a paramount basis for further learning milestones ready to be explored!

What's Included

A 25-page printable packet with activities for time and money

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